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Scrap & Stitch Boutique

Scrap & Stitch Boutique Mini Hoop Embroidery Kit

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This Beautiful Mini Hoop Embroidery Kit is Adorable. A Fun Little Weekend Project enjoyed by any age.

The Kit Includes:

6 x Presencia Finca Embroidery Threads

4 x Embroidery Needles

3 x Small Mini Hoops with Hardware to Complete Hoop ( 24mm Wide ) 1 x Screw 2 x Tiny Washers ( For Each Mini Hoop )

1 x Medium Mini Hoop with Hardware ( 40mm Wide ) 1 x Screw 2 x Tiny Washers

1 x Rose Gold Coloured Intricate Patterned Needle Thread Tool 

1 x Pair Small Silver Coloured Vintage Inspired Floral Embroidery Scissors ( 8.5cm in Length )

1 x Silver Coloured Ring to Hold your Plastic Floss Bobbins 

6 x White Plastic Floss Bobbins

2 x 30cm x 15cm Embroidery Fabric 

Presencia Finca Thread Colour Choice Available on Request ( Via Email ) 

2 x Medium Diecut Vintage Style Cardstock Floss Bobbins

2 x Small Diecut Vintage Style Cardstock Floss Bobbins

1 x Small Diecut Vintage Style Floss Bobbin with Small Amount of Metallic Presencia Finca Thread to Add Dimension to Your Design

2 x 30cm Lengths of Silk Studio 100% Silk Ribbon

How to Begin Your Creation:

1. Draw or Trace Your Chosen Design onto your Fabric with a Pencil or Pen of your choice( Preferrably a Heat Erasable Pen )

2. Cut 2 Pieces of Fabric large enough from your Fabric Swatch to Cover the Small Circle of your Mini  Hoop chosen to pass over the Edge of the Back of the Circle Neatly. You can Cut off any Excess Fabric ( The Double Layer of Fabric provides a Neater Finish to Your Tiny Hoop Creation ).

The Completed Mini Hoops Shown in the Image are Design Samples Only and are NOT Included in the Scrap & Stitch Boutique Mini Hoop Embroidery Kit.

💗It is time for some Fun.💗

3. Begin your Project by Embroidering your Chosen Design with the Beautiful Presencia Finca Embroidery Thread included in your Kit. 
I usually use 2 Strands to Embroider most Stitches but this is entirely your Preference. It is best Practice to Tie a Knot at the End of your Thread before Beginning your Stitch. Then once Completed, Pass your Needle through to the Back of Your Work and Weave the Thread through the Back of the Stitches to Fasten in Place.

4. When Your Design is Completed,  Press the Small Circle into your Mini Hoop ( which is covered with Fabric ) making sure it is Neat and Securely  Placed.

5. Place Your Mini Hoop Hardware in the Hole above the Hoop. This includes: 1 x Longer Screw, 2 x Tiny Washers

1st Place the Screw, then Place the Tiny Washers  on Both Ends of the Screw. Tighten Gently.
Please Do Not over Tighten as the Mini Hoop May Break. This will Help Secure Your Fabric in Place.

6. Place the Large Circle on the Back of the Mini Hoop and Secure into Place with a Suitable Adhesive Glue.


7. If You would like to Add a Bow to Cover the Hardware, Pass the Ribbon ( Silk Ribbon Supplied in Your Kit ) through the Gap Below the Screw and Make a Bow.

8. If You would like to Add a Loop to Create an Ornament ( Metallic Thread Supplied in Your Kit ) Pass the Thread Under the Bow and Form a Slip Knot.

9. There are Many FUN Options You can Create with Your Mini Hoop Kit.

10. Another Option is Adhering a Brooch Clip to the Back Side of Your Mini Hoop. Also, Your Mini Hoop Design can be Transformed into a Necklace by simply Adding a Chain or Piece of Thin Leather to Create a Beautiful Gift for Someone Special.💗

Enjoy Your Mini Hoop Creation

💗 Donna

If You Require Further Information Regarding Your New Mini Hoop Kit Please Contact Scrap & Stitch Boutique Via Email Using