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EdMar Premium Embroidery Thread

EdMar Premium Embroidery Thread Glory 216

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EdMar Premium Embroidery Threads are 100% Rayon and are Hand Dyed in over 240 Colour Combinations. Edmar Embroidery Thread has a Beautiful Lustre and Quality which makes them unmatched for all types of Hand Needlework. These Threads are Colorfast and Machine Washable. EdMar Quality Embroidery Threads have a Wide Range of use including Brazilian Style Dimensional Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Smocking and also Tassel-making due to the Quality, Colour, Smoothness and Sheen EdMar Threads Deliver.
Also, it can be used to Compliment Ribbon Embroidery. EdMar Premium Threads are available in Seven Weights Including, Iris, Lola, Nova, Glory, Frost, Cire and Boucle. You are spoilt for choice for your Hand Needlework Reqirements.

Glory - Fine 2Ply

Iris     - Medium 2Ply

Frost  - Medium 3Ply

Lola    - Heavy 3Ply

Nova   - Very Heavy 6 Ply

Boucle’- Knotted 4 Ply

Cire’    - Heavy 3Ply